Komori Global Center - Security


What is KGC-S?

Komori Global Center - Security (KGC-S) will be a new state of the art facility which has been created as a showroom and training center for Komori's fleet of world class security presses.
Customers will be able to experience our presses in unique surroundings, and undertake Print demonstrations, Training and R&D trials in an environment which has been purpose built for these activities.


KGC-S Concept

Komori has set two themes of "Power to the Print" and "Trust in Print" for KGC-S.
KOMORI understands that the printing processes are the foundation upon which banknotes and other secure documents are built. World class secure prodcucts are made when there is harmony between the print processes, the materials, the special features and the unique expert knowledge that makes this all possible.


Print Demonstrations

Customers may want to conduct tests with new materials or new designs, but this is sometimes difficult at their sites due to demanding production schedules. At KGC-S, our customer can conduct print tests on the Komori's equipment, customized to exactly meet their requirements.



Komori's presses are the most technologically advanced, the most reliable, and create the highest standard of product available today. Yet the interaction between our machines and the people who run them is key to ensure high quality and premium performance. KGC-S therefore also acts as temple of learning, where printers and engineers can hone their skills, and learn from knowledgeable Sensei, so that they are fully equipped for daily production.
KGC-S provides an environment where customers can try out their new presses, and training can be given to all levels, from novices to those who want advance their experience and learning.



Komori is always pushing forward and developing new technology. KGC-S is a secure environment where we can collaborate on next-gen ideas with our customers and partners.


Background to the project - Power to the Print

As a printing press manufacturer, Komori created a 100th anniversary housenote that embraced the concept of security print technology. To produce the note, we ran the following unique printing equipment at the new Komori Global Center – Security (KGC-S) in Tsukuba, Japan;

The printing process is the very foundation of the banknote, and this project illustrates the beauty, security and versatility of the many printing processes available today.

Design Concept

Front of the note – Rejuvenation and Challenges

The legendary Phoenix is said to live forever by burning and regenerating itself with fire once every 100 years.
The Phoenix symbolizes Komori’s rejuvenation in its centenary year. The design also pays tribute to one of Hokusai’s representative art works, called Aka Fuji (Red Fuji), which expresses Komori’s challenges.
Hokusai, born in the vicinity of the Sumida area, Tokyo, where Komori’s headquarters is located, continuously challenged his art and established a revolutionary new genre of a third landscape art work, Hokusai broke from tradition by daring to adopt red-based colours, which was very bold at the time.
The Phoenix glows red and yellow under UV light along with the clouds and snow at the top of Mount Fuji which glow blue.

Reverse of the note – Tradition and Innovation

The Tsukuba Plant is a symbol of Komori’s commitment to quality and trust. The two Phoenixes surrounded by cherry blossoms highlight Komori’s rejuvenation.
The Phoenix illustrates our 100-years of tradition and is represented by offset security printing. The Origami Phoenixes and serial number reflect the continuous innovation of digital security printing, a new innovative banknote printing process. The origami Phoenixes and serial number are linked, and each Phoenix has a unique design which is printed with digital inkjet technology.


Smartphone Application

Komori 100th App

Komori 100th App is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Special thanks to JURA JSP, SICPA SA and LANDQART AG.

JURA provide high security design solutions including ICS® and SPAS™ and also digital security design solutions including ISI and VMT.
SICPA provide high security inks including NEOMAG® and SICPATALK®.
LANDQART provide Durasafe® which has a composite of security paper and transparent polymer.

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