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Banknoteology is the science Komori applies to the study, research and development of its banknote manufacturing processes. The discipline encompasses all the major processes currently employed across the global banknote printing industry and the systems it generates empower banknote printers with the potential to elevate their production capabilities to a new and inspirational level.

Currency OnDemand

Komori is aiming to reinvent the banknote manufacturing processes in their own innovative methodology. CurrencyOndemand is Komori's concept to MAXIMIZE UPTIME and STRENGTHEN DESIGN CAPABILITY.

This also facilitates fast job change by shortening makeready time, cutting rejected sheets and reducinginventories between processes to the absolute minimum while maintaining the high print quality and productivity of banknote printing. Komori provide their banknote printing equipment and systems for whatever you demand. CurrencyOndemand consists of the following elements;



Fast Speed

The printing speed is always critical to achieve the production target and all depends upon the printing materials such as inks and substrates however the new Komori banknote printing equipment have a capability to run at maximum 12,000 sph.

KHS-AI / Advanced Interface

KHS-AI is a productivity improvement system that optimizes various presets according to changes in the machine, environment and printing materials and realizes high-precision print start-up. In addition, KHS-AI ensures very stable sheet feeding and delivery by means of air presets according to the sheet size and denomination. The system not only facilitates job control and management of operation records and maintenance data but is also equipped with a self-diagnostic function that helps prevent problems. The system includes;

  • Job pre-set
  • Paper size pre-set
  • Air pre-set
  • Sidelay pre-set
  • Ink pre-set
  • Delivery released cam pre-set
  • Power consumption monitor (to be converted CO2)
  • Ink level monitor in the ducts and the drums
  • Self diagnosis
  • Remote diagnosis


PDC-SXPDC devices are systems that digitize the colours on printed sheets — previously adjusted and controlled by the operator. PDC-SX adds an automatic registration function to the colour control function so that both colour and registration are measured in one process and the information is automatically fed back to the press. For the colour control function, an automatic X-Y travel system is used so that measurement can be performed regardless of the position of the colour bar to maximize the image area of the sheet. In addition, spot measurement of particularly important points on the image is possible. The automatic registration function works by using special register marks so that register is measured together with colour in the same scan and any adjustments are automatically fed back to the press.

PQA Series

PQA SeriesPQA Series systems ensure high-level print quality control by inspecting all sheets in-line on the press according to the same assessment criteria. The system enables the loading of an accurate initial reference image using a line scan camera with constant illumination to capture high resolution images of each sheet. Any difference found by comparing the initial reference image with the image on the printed sheet using Komori’s own inspection algorithm is detected as a defect. Komori provide a variety of PQA Series to secure the banknote products;

  • PQA-C / Visible Inspection
  • PQA-IR / IR Inspection
  • PQA-UV / UV Inspection
  • PQA-N / Numbering Inspection


Multicolour Press

Komori provide a flexible press design for the offset press up to 6/6 colours, the intaglio press up to 5/0 colours, the numbering press 2/0 and 1/1 numbers, the varnishing press 1/1, 1/2, 2/1 and 2/2 varnishes if you demand.

Multicolour Offset Press
Multicolour Offset Press
Multicolour Intaglio Press
Multicolour Intaglio Press

Combination Multiprocess Press

Komori provide two or more processes in a single pass in register, e.g. Offset & Intaglio, Numbering & Varnishing, Offset & Screen, Offset & Numbering, Emboss & Varnishing etc. thanks to Komori's unique Modular Equipment Design (MED). The Combination Multiprocess Press leads to an innovative banknote design for banknote printers such as double numbering on front and back, double varnishing with different varnishes. You can apply any processes together to strengthen your design capability.

Combination Multiprocess Numbering & Varnishing Press
Combination Multiprocess Numbering & Varnishing Press


The industry recognizes the blanket to blanket configuration limits sharpness of the offset print. Komori offer the blanket and solid impression cylinder configuration to increase fine line sharpness and accuracy. Alcohol-free wet printing on all units is easily achievable to print finer lines on the double-deck offset printing press series.

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